"I had a dream. In fact, it was on the night I met you. In the dream, there was our world, and the world was dark because there weren’t any robins and the robins represented love. And for the longest time, there was this darkness. And all of a sudden, thousands of robins were set free and they flew down and brought this blinding light of love. And it seemed that love would make any difference, and it did. So, I guess it means that there is trouble until the robins come." - Blue Velvet (1986, dir. David Lynch)

“Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.”
— Jean-Paul Sartre, from The Sellected Essays (via violentwavesofemotion)


Fiordland National Park, New Zealand by Hannah Davis

Anonymous said:
What is your favorite position?


Being on top…..of a big pile of money.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Good Charlotte


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous | Good Charlotte

Caitlin Stasey being the hero we all deserve.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Downtown 81