What are 5 of your favorite movies?? I always ask people this, seriously feel free to answer!


  1. thelunacies answered: shutter island, inception, sweeney todd, rent, red dragon.
  2. dutchmastarmike answered: Goodfellas, Battle Royale, How High, Friday, Donnie Brasco. All great movies
  3. greenlady6 answered: LOTR trilogy, Romeo+Juliet, Orgasmic Birth, A Scanner Darkly, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  4. acromial answered: american beauty, annie hall, little miss sunshine, pleasantville and dead poets society. :)
  5. thisrealityisafuckingjoke said: 3 magic words, and law abiding citizen. there both the shitttttt man.
  6. houndsonhallucinogens answered: Fight Club, Pan’s Labyrinth, Beetlejuice, Labyrinth (with David Bowie c;), Wayne’s World, Natural Born Killers, Lucky Number Sleven is cool
  7. om-shanti-prana answered: pulp fiction
  8. endlesswantering answered: Nightmare Before Christmas, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Holws Moving Castle, Spirited Away, aaannddd Chronicle
  9. foxfunk answered: Scott Pilgrim, Toy Story, Edward Scissorhands, Mary Poppins and Spirited Away. I’m more of a tv series person though tbh ^_^
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